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Title: V1X Unsoldered Version
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2021 MAXKGO recently developed Nelf collection, specifically for LED lovers and beginners.
This WiFi LED Controller and Dimmer enables you to easily manage the LED strips, just connect your mobile phone or tablet to WiFi, and you can appreciate effective shade alter manage! Push-button control allows rate, illumination, shade, and several settings to button in between simply one finger.
More small look, the exact same effective function; can recognize the firmware on-line upgrade; can personalize the WiFi call, more easy to use WiFi settings; much faster WiFi reaction, more delicate Internet user interface.

Fundamental specifications:

-- Minimum Typical Values Maximum Unit
Supply Voltage 4.5 5 5.5 V
Supply Current 0.5 -- -- A
Operating Temperature -40 -- 85 °C
Humidity -- 85 -- %RH


Model: NELF V1X
Domination Principle: Wi-Fi
Language: English
Supply voltage: 5V
Color mode: support any RGB color sequence mode
Suitable for: LED light strip
Applicable light strip type: APA102, WS2801, WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815, SK2812, HD107S, GS8208...
Number of applicable LED lights: <2048
Control distance: visible distance 30M
Net weight: 5.4g
Size:  34mm x 39mm

Range of application:

1. Ultra-thin light boxes, illumination indications, marketing indications, and so on.
2. Interior industrial environment illumination in mid-to-high-end specialized shops, shopping center, and so on.
3. Enjoyment illumination for play areas, home enjoyment locations, beauty parlor, karaoke and various other environment illumination, style illumination.
4. Environment illumination for recreation locations such as coffee shops.
5. Invention light resource, car design, private luxury yacht design illumination.
6. Utilized for course and overview indications, luminescent indications, and so on.
7. Shopping center, resorts, exhibit halls, outside design and various other locations.
8. Vacations (Xmas, New Year, Halloween, and so on.)
9. Wedding event, yearly conference.
10. Building landscape design illumination, house design, metropolitan illumination, and so on.

Wiring diagram:

wifi led strip controller for new year wiring diagram

Package included:

MAXKGO NELF V1X WiFi smart LED controller x1
Connection line (male) x1
Connection line (female) x1
8 PIN header X1
4 PIN holder x1

wifi-led controller nelf v1x

NOTICE: The hardware of MAXKGO Nelf Based on Pixelblaze by Ben Hencke, CC BY-SA 4.0  

Operation: (refer to the Nelf LED wifi controller manual.pdf)

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