UART RS485 LCD Displayer Bluetooth Module for Smart JBD BMS Port

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JIABAIDA Smart accessories

This link is applicable to all Smart BMS of JIABAIDA, which is specially used to monitor battery data, modify BMS parameters, etc. It can be divided into mobile terminal and computer terminal software. The mobile terminal application software is Xiaoxiang BMS, and the computer terminal application software is JBDTools, which can be downloaded in real time.


① Accessories category: Bluetooth, UART, RS485,LCD displayer


② Conditions of use: Only those with this functionor ports can use this accessory


③ Function introduction:


1) Bluetooth- Phone


    IOS version needs to pay to change the parameters (need to be within the specified range)


    Andriod veision can change the parameter settings


2) UART - Computer (Set parameters)


3) RS485 - Computer(Set parameters and program)


4) LCD displayer


④ Download link:


1) Phone - "Xiaoxiang BMS"


     IOS : Search it in the APP STORE


     Andriod :


2) Computer-JIABAIDA Tools (UART / RS485 / CAN)


⑤ Connection method:


After connecting the battery and BMS, insert the corresponding interface for this function


⑥ Attention :


1) UART and bluetooth are the same ports, can't be used at the same time


2) Uart/Bluetooth and RS485 canbe used at same time


3) All smart bms has bluetooth and UART function


4) LCD displayer has 2 ports,confirm the lcd interface is consistent with the function


5) Before purchasing RS485 module, presure if the device supports RS485 function

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