SKYRC NC2200 DC 12V 2A AA AAA NiMH / NiCD Multi-function Charger

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This SkyRC NC2200 AA/AAA battery charger-analyzer charges up to 4 batteries at once, so you can quickly power your electronic devices. The visual charging status keeps you informed on when your batteries are ready for use.

It can handle 1 to 4 AA and AAA NiMH/NiCD rechargeable batteries via four independent charging slots with its respective interface.
With the wide-viewing VA screen, the charger displays Current, Capacity, Internal Resistance, Voltage, Elapsed Time, and working mode at a glance. Meanwhile, the charging graph and firmware upgrading can be accessible with the SkyCharger app if you connect the optional Bluetooth Dongle.


Dimension: 112.1*108*62 mm

Weight: 370g

Other Parameters:

Battery Type: NiMH/NiCD

Battery Size: AA/AAA

Charge Rate: 0.2-2.2A w/ increments of 0.1A

Discharge Rate: 0.1-1.0A w/ increments of 0.1A

Discharge Termination Voltage: 0.9V

Supported Capacity: 500-3200mAh

Capacity Protection: 3200mAh

Input Power: DC 12V/2.0A
-△V: 5mV

Package included:

1X SKYRC NC2200 Charger

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