NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor Beta 100K 4250 Lithium Battery Portable Power Overheating Protection Thermistor Sensor MAXKGO

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NTC thermistors are temperature-sensitive resistor elements using semiconductor ceramics with negative temperature coefficients (NTC). That means that the resistance decreases exponentially with rising temperature. The steeper the RT curve, the greater the change in resistance within a specified temperature range. With this property, they are often used as temperature sensors and also used as temperature protection devices for purposes such as temperature measurement and temperature compensation.


Resistance @+25℃ (Ohms): 100K

Beta Value: 4250

Tolerance on Beta Value: 1%

Operating Temperature: -30℃~125℃ (-22℉ to 257℉)

Length: 100mm

Material: PVC

Temperature accuracy ±0.2ºC from 0ºC to +70ºC


  1. Fast time response and High Accuracy:
    The small size NTC thermistor comes with high sensitivity, fast response, strong non-interference ability, and high accuracy
  2. Constant Temperature Control:
    Widely used in constant temperature control, industrial systems, consumer products, thermometers, all thermal systems.
  3. -30℃ TO 125℃ Range: PVC material is lightweight, thermal insulation, heat preservation and flame retardant. The temperature measuring range is -30℃ to 125℃ (-22℉ to 257℉)


  1. NTC thermistor is used in battery protection, monitoring the temperature of battery packs during charging, lithium battery equipment, and overheating protection of portable power.
  2. NTC thermistor temperature sensor isused in a household appliance to measure temperature. Bakers, coffee machine temperature sensors, refrigerators, freezers, and hair dryers all rely on NTC thermistor for proper temperature control.
  3. NTC thermistor temperature sensoris suitable for various industries such as household appliances, automobiles, office automation, etc., very convenient

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