MAXKGO BMS Board 8S 10S 12S 14S LiFepo4 Li-ion 24V 36V 48V Battery Pack Protection 150A for ESK8 / Electric Scooter

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Product Description--

Charging current: <60A

Discharge current: < 150A

Internal resistance: ≤15mΩ


Charging voltage: The number of Li-ion battery in series connection X 4.2V
Wiring : Different Port


Overcharge protection——

Detection voltage: 4.25±0.025V

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Release voltage: 4.15±0.05V


Over-discharge voltage protection——

Detection voltage: 2.75±0.1V

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Release voltage: 3.0±0.1V


Balanced voltage——

Detection voltage: 4.15±0.025V

Detection delay: 100±50MS

Balance current: 42±5MA


Over discharge current protection——

Detection voltage: 50±15MV

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Current protection: 300±50A 450±50A 600±60A


Short circuit protection--

Trigger condition: external short circuit

Detection delay: 300us

Release condition: disconnect the load


Temperature control protection——

Charge and discharge over-temperature protection: 55℃

Charge and discharge high temperature release temperature: 75℃

Release condition:During normal working temperature



Working power consumption: <35UA

Over-discharge power consumption(Sleeping State): <10UA

Operating temperature range: -30°~+80°C


Product Features--

Overcharge protection

Over discharge protection

Over current protection

Balanced protection

Temperature control protection

Applicable for 8-14S battery



Net weight:244g

Weight: 331.5g



1* PCBA board

1*HY2.0 single head 15P line

 Flipsky BMS

13s bms FLIPSKY

Flipsky MAXKGO BMS 14s

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