Lead Free Solder Wire 12g Tube

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Lead Free Solder Wire Tube Detail:

Net Weight:12g



Lead Free Solder Wire Feature:

Made of pure tin, it has good wettability, conductivity and thermal conductivity.
The flux is moderate, and there is no splash during welding.
The flux is evenly distributed and there is no flux broken in the wire core.
The winding is neat, no knotting, easy welding operation and high efficiency.
Related precautions of lead-free solder wire:

Avoid inhaling metal vapor when heating solder, and avoid inhaling dust during solder cutting and grinding operation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Keep good ventilation in the environment.
Avoid inhaling smoke during welding
Sealed in a closed container and stored in a dry place. Contact with acid medium or high humidity in storage environment will make solder surface lose metallic luster.

Package included:

Lead Free Solder Wire Tube X1

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