JBD BMS 3S 4S Battery Protection Board with Heatsink | 100A-200A Smart BMS

Style: Li-ion 3S
Current: 100A
Sale price$87.99



● JBD-SP04S034 is a 3/4S Smart BMS designed specifically for small energy storage batteries, street lamps, 12V lead-acid replacement lithium batteries and other products.

● It can be applied to 3.2v lifepo4, 3.7v li-ion batteries etc. Some parameters can be adjusted through UART according to customer needs.

● Package- BMS * Bluetooth * Balance Wires

● 3S 4S BMS for Li-ion/Lifepo4 battery

● Continuous Current 100-200A / Balance Current 50-150mA

● Size (232±2)* (105±0.5) *(20±1)MM

● Doesn't Support Series Connection

● Various Protection Functions for Charging and Discharging

● Optional Heating Function (No Heating Film, need to be purchased separately)

● SOC calculation and learning ability

● 1 Internal/2 External Temperature Sensors (Detect battery temperature)

● Support Bluetooth(Gift), APP for Phone-Xiaoxiang BMS Parameters can be Read at any time(English Version)

Download link-IOS (cannot be set): Search in the APP STORE

Download link-Andriod (can be set): https://www.pgyer.com/Bzt1

● Support UART Communication, Optional Charge Balance or Static Balance,Read Voltage/current/SOC/Temperature/Protection Status and Other Datas, and Online Upgrade

Download link-http://www.jiabaida.com/uploads/soft/xiaoxiangBMS.zip?spm=5261.im.0.0.7e0e4edfdzhzxA&file=xiaoxiangBMS.zip

● Used for Small Energy Storage Battery, Street Lamp, 12V Lead-Acid Replacement Lithium battery

● User Manual-Customer Service, which can be sent by Email.


Product Description:

1. Supportable battery type
Number of strings : 3-4S

Batteries : 3.7V Li-ion/3.2V Lifepo4

Voltage : 12V

Current : 100A 120A 150A 200A

2. Smart application:

Phone - IOS/Andriod : Xiaoxiang BMS APP

Computer - JIABAIDA Tools ( UART / RS485 / CAN )

3.Bluetooth and UART are the same port, UART and RS485 need bought seperately.

4.Manual- Sent by Email


Main function description:

Over-charge protection / Over-discharge protection / Over-current protection / Temperature protection / Short circuit protection / Balance function



1.Intelligent and powerful MOS, imported IC, integrated solution.

2.Equipped with temperature sensor, preserved control switch.

3.Factory sales, the more the quantity, the lower the price.

4.Support customization (the size of PCB / the material and length of balance wires and output line / the replacement of Aluminum shell material / change parameters / increase function of data storage ... )

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