HTRC Car Battery Charger 12V/24V 10Amp with LCD Screen Maintainer / Pulse Repair Charger

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HTRC car battery charger 12V/24V 10amp 7 stages lithium lead-acid Lifepo4 compatible automotive smart battery charger, with LCD screen maintainer/pulse repair charger for car motorcycle and more.


High efficiency : >85%

AC Input Voltage : 100-240V 50/60HZ

Output Voltage : 12v/24v

Output Current : 12v 10A & 24V 5A

Battery type : Lithium/Lead/LifePo4

Output Volt under No load : 27.6V

Minimum start Volt : >9.0V

Input Power with load : Max.120W

Input Power under no load : 2.8W

LCD display : voltage, current, temperature etc.

Battery : Lithium, Lead-Acid, LiFePO4 battery type can selectable

Net weight : 470g

Dimension : 158x90x50mm

Main Features:

1.Wide voltage, Automatically adjust the charging current- This charger is design for 12V and 24V batteries, 120W power, peak current 10A charging fast.

2.Wide range of use- Multi-mode one-button switching, 3-mode battery sub-charge, does not hurt the battery. It can charge the car, golf cart, motorcycle, lawn mower, boat, RV, SUV, ATV and more.

3.Multiple protection- Overcharging protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, low voltage protection, etc.

4.Easy to operate- Connect the battery to the power supply and select the mode to automatically charge.It adopts CPU precision control to fully self-stop.

5.LCD Display- Display charging voltage, current, temperature, mode (Automatically match summer or winter mode)

Lithium Batteries Mode
For charging 12.6V or 25.2V Lithium batteries. When selected, the Lithium blue LED will
illuminate. For use on batteries with Battery Management Systems (BMS) only.

Lead-Acid Batteries Mode
For AGM, GEL, SLA, WET, DEEP CYCLE, EFB, Calcium Batteries

Motorcycle and LiFePO4 Batteries Mode
An advanced battery recovery mode for repairing and storing, old, idle,
damaged, stratified or sulfated.

Not all batteries can be recovered, only can use on Motorcycle and Car batteries

Package list:

1x  15A Charger

1x  3M extension cord (UK/US/EU/AU Plug)

2x  Big clips

1x  User Manner

htrc battery charger for lipo battery
htrc pulse repair charger

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