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FSESC 6.6 with firmware version VESC_default_no_hw_limits, compatible with Benjamin VESC TOOL, can be used for models, multi-axis aircraft, electric vehicles, electric skateboards, golf carts, smart cars, robots, and simple industrial position control.



- Hardware: V 6.6
- Firmware: VESC_default_no_hw_limits
- Voltage: 6V - 60V (Safe for 3S to 12S LiPo)
- Voltage spikes may not exceed 60V
- Current: Continuous 60A, Burst 150A. Values depend on the temperature and air circulation around the device
- 5V 1.5A output for external electronics
- 3.3V 1A output for external electronics
- Modes: DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
- Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047
- include Anti-spark switch
- include Waterproof aluminum case


The shipping package contains:

1*FSECS6.6 + Aluminum case

1*Micro USB

1*VESC Sensor Wire

1*PPM cable



fsesc 6.6 description


FESEC 6.6 Wiring Diagram


fsesc 6.6 button connection

fsesc 6.6 size

fsesc 6.6 size


  1. Power advantage

In order to effectively and safely protect the power contact from oxidation caused by electric spark burn and the electronic components of integrated circuits from breakdown and to prevent the occurrence of an electric spark which may cause explosion, we added an anti-spark switch to the front of the power supply to allow a maximum current to pass up to 300A. Also, it’s more convenient to use.

In order to make the power supply filter better and the voltage more stable, we replaced the original C46 and C47 with large electrolytic capacitors with larger capacity and better energy storage. Meanwhile, C37 ,C39 ,C41,C40,C43,C44 were all replaced by 10uF 100V with High voltage capacitors. In this way, the voltage change of the MOS becomes more stable and efficient.

  1. Processing Advantages of GND on the Circuit

In order to better handle the large current GND and the mutual interference between the GND of the MCU circuit and the GND of the NRF circuit, we added three O ohm resistors to better achieve the filtering effect.

  1. Output optimization of Power Supply 3.3V

Replaced the LM3671 chip with the two-channel MIC5219-3.3YM5, upgrading from the original 3.3V, 600MA to 500MA*2=1A output, better supply power to peripherals, meanwhile, adding two IN5819 diode rectifiers to achieve 3.3V for short-circuit protection, replace the C9 2.2uF on the capacitor with 10uF and add a 4.7uF filter capacitor.

  1. Output optimization of Power Supply 5V

Replacing capacitor C31 2.2uF with 22uF

  1. Other optimization

Replacing capacitor C15 2.2uF with 22uF

  1. Optimization of Mosfet

12 Power MOSFETs NTMFS5C628NL is specially processed on heat dissipation and over-current to achieve continuous 60A output and more stable performance.

  1. Optimization of PCB layout and process

1). The PCB adopts a gold-thickening process with a 6-layer PCB layout design. The thickness of each layer of copper foil is 3OZ, and the total copper foil thickness is 3OZ*6=18OZ. meanwhile, the PCB increases heat dissipation and the over-current treatment process at key part--sunken sunroof, making the overall effect better and having more advantages!

2).PCB size layout is more convenient to use. We integrated the XT60, XT90, banana connector 4.0 and so on, making the overall looks more beautiful.

  1. aluminum case

Using aluminum case with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. It's anodized to ensure that it has good heat dissipation, while achieving IP65 waterproof level.

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