Black 8S Battery Active Balance Model with Three-proof Paint for Energy Transfer

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Product name: Black 8S Battery Active Balance Model for Energy Transfer

Product model: CF-8SZDJH2A-A

Working Self-consumption <10mA

Working temperature: NA

Short circuit protection: NA

Stand by Self-consumption <500uA

Balance current<2A

Balanced voltage difference <10MV

Balance mode: Active balance

Current: NA

Application: Nominal Li-ion battery 3.7V/ LiFePo4 battery 3.2V

Product application range: Battery Active Balance Model for Energy Transfer

Size: 55*82.5*1.6MM

Net weight: 72g



  1. Stable heat dissipation keep the heating temperaturebalanced at normal degrees Celsius. Connect to battery pack for long term to prolong the life of the battery pack.
  2. Zero loss of energy waste. It could transmit high voltage to battery series of low voltage when there is voltage difference between battery series,so as to achieve voltage balance between battery
  3. Active balance. The equalization instrument automatically detects the unbalanced voltage value of the adjacent battery series. The chip will automatically detect and balance when the voltagedifference value is ≥0.1. Three-stage mode, start continuous work → intermittent work → stop workachieve a precise balance difference ≤0.03V
  4. Apply the three-proof paint for protectionof waterproof, dustproof and anti-leakageso as to  improve the practicability, safety and reliability of the circuit board.



Instructions for use:

Press the key to K2: Forced to close the active balance and enter sleep mode;

The middle position of the button: the battery cell voltage is lower than 3.0V to close the active balance and enter sleep mode.

Press the key to K1: Active balance is turned on all the time; not recommended



Shipping list:

1 X  Black 8S Battery Active Balance Model for Energy Transfer

8s battery active balance module for energy transfer
8s li-ion active balance module with 3 states
high quality 8s lifepo4 active balance module
8s active balance board with stable heat dissipation
battery active balance module with three-proof paint
high efficient 8s active balance module
wiring diagram about protection board and active balance  module

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