8S 8A Blue Battery Active Balance Module with Stable Heat Dissipation | 8S BMS

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Product name: Blue 8S Battery Active Balance Module for Energy Transfer

Product model: NA

Main circuit conduction internal resistance: NA

Charging current (same port): NA

Charging current (split port): NA

Current: NA

Temperature control protection: NA

Working temperature: NA

Short circuit protection: NA

Self-consumption: NA

Balance current <8A

Balanced voltage difference <3MV

Balance mode: Active balance

Application: Nominal Li-ion battery 3.7V/ LiFePo4 battery 3.2V

Product application range: active balance BMS

Size: 90*135*35MM



  1. Stable heat dissipation. Using heat sink anodic oxidation technology, it can stably and safely dissipate heat to the outside.
  2. Balance module for energy transfer, allowing slow temperature rise and fast heat dissipation.
  3. New MOS low internal resistance stably reduces the internal resistance of the circuit, prolongs the service life, and ensures safety and reliability.



1. When using the module, first connect the cable to the battery pack in order, and make sure that the cable sequence is consistent with the voltage before plugging in the module port.

2. The module does not have anti-reverse connection protection. If the module is damaged due to improper operation, it is not covered by the warranty, please be careful!


Shipping list:

1 X  Blue 8S Battery Active Balance Module for Energy Transfer

8s blue battery active balance module
balance module for energy transfer
8s lifepo4 active balance module with mosfet
8s balance module with stable heat dissipation
battery active balance module
8s battery active balance wiring diagram

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