5050RGB Full Color LED Strip Lights Waterproof - WS2811 5M 12V

Title: WS2811 1M 12V
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IP67 LED strip lights can be waterproof when used outdoors. At the same time, waterproof led strip lights are also suitable for indoor use, because their outer waterproof tube can protect electrical components from dust and impact.

Very ideal for enhancing architectural details, landscape lights, amusement motifs, holiday light sculptures, attractive figures, event indicators, presents, shop windows, and stores, bars, clubs, streets, pathways, decks, parks, staircases, railings, ceilings, Or driveway.

WS2811 1M/2M/5M 12V IP67 Waterproof 5050 SMD LED Strip Basic Parameters:
Product name: WS2811-12V-60Leds
Length: 1M/2M/5M
Leds model: 5050RGB
Rated voltage: 12V
Circuit board: double-sided FPC
IC model: WS2811
Protection level: IP67
Luminous color: Full color
Occasion Events, holidays, party, wedding
SKU: WS12V111M/ WS12V112M/ WS12V115M

Package included:
WS2811 Strip Light Waterproof 1M/ 2M/ 5M  x1

Maybe you need more strips options: LED strips for more types.

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