6A/12A/25A 12.6V 3S Li-ion 18650 Battery Protection Integrated Board for Solar Street Light | 3S BMS

Style: 3S 25A with balance
Sale price$5.99



Product model: CF-3S5045-A

Size: 50*45*1.2MM

Net weight: 6g/8g

Application: Nominal 3.7V battery

Product application range: LED, solar street light, 18650 battery pack, power bank and other small lithium battery equipment


recharging current-

Detection voltage: 4.25V±0.025V

Detection delay: 100±50MS

Release voltage: 4.15±0.05V


Over-discharge voltage protection-

Detection voltage: 2.7±0.1V

Detection delay: 100±50MS

Release voltage: 3.0±0.1V


Balanced voltage

Detection voltage: 4.2±0.025V

Detection delay: 100±50MS

Balance current: 42±5MA


Discharge overcurrent protection-

Detection voltage: 100MV

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Current protection: 10±3A 20±5A 60±10A


Short circuit protection-

Trigger condition: external short circuit

Detection delay: <300us

Release condition: disconnect the load



Working power consumption: <35UA

Sleep over-discharge power consumption: <10UA

Operating temperature range: -30°~+80°C


Shipping list:

1X   3S 25A same port with balance / 3S 25A same port without balance /

3S 12A same port with balance / 3S 12A same port without balance /

 3S 6A same port without balance  (optional, choose one of five)

6a 25a 3s li-ion battery protection board with 5 variants
high quality li-ion battery balance protection board
low resistance mosfets for 3s bms board
12.6v 3s 18650 battery bms board wiring diagram

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