Zhuhai DaQianJin Technology Co., Ltd.also know as MAXKGO was founded in 2021 and is located in Zhuhai,China.

MAXKGO is an innovative technology company focusing on the research and development of smart hardware and electronic products. It is also an international smart electronic product company integrating R&D, manufacturing, domestic and foreign sales and service. Products cover smart home, smart life, smart education, smart outdoor sports, electronic tools and other fields.

The Chinese name of MAXKGO is "DaQianJin" .The word "Da" is the expectation for the members of MAXKGO, representing the big pattern and big ambition. The word "QianJin" comes from "YiNuoQianJin" that means a promise is worth as a thousand bars of gold. Keeping promises and paying attention to honesty have been the foundation of China's standing and business since ancient times. At the same time, "QianJin" means "Lady" in Chinese, and Zhuhai MAXKGO Technology Co., Ltd. is run by five ladies. They are the representatives of ladies in the new era,embracing the family while not forgetting to achieve themselves. Therefore, the "DaQianJin" is a symbol of humanistic spirit and attitude towards life:magnifying the pattern, widening the goal, relying on honesty and perseverance as the driving force, and pursuing dreams bravly.

MAXKGO has an experienced R&D team and design team, and the existing R&D personnel have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.In the future, MAXKGO will vigorously explore and train more and more excellent professionals. Lay the foundation for the enterprise to continuously realize the development goal of technological innovation and breakthrough.

Technology with smart,making life happier.

MAXKGO includes products such as smart home dehumidifiers, smart home heaters, smart home refrigerators, and smart mini disinfection boxes. Committing to let everyone and every family not only enjoy the convenience brought by technology to life, but also enjoy the health of technology life. A healthy life is the happiest life.

MAXKGO also owns a global professional electronic product online mall, and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with brands such as FLIPSKY, SEQURE, etc. The main products of the platform include smart water electric surfboards, waterproof motors, waterproof ESCs, electric soldering irons, and other categories. Customer groups radiate the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and other global areas. Let global consumers easily enjoy the joyful experience of one-stop shopping for Chinese electronic products.

Sincere, brave, optimistic, innovative, Serious, and altruistic,as the values of MAXKGO,the eight words have always guided the behavior of MAXKGO's members.

Credit is the foundation of one's life, and the key to doing business. True integrity is the prerequisite for cooperation with partners and the foundation of our professional ethics.

Dare to be the first, fearless is the best. Challenges and difficulties are indispensable hurdles on the road of development, but fearlessness is the attitude of MAXKGO to face that.

Being positive and optimistic is also life attitude advocated by the MAXKGO.

Innovation is the source of the company's progress. We have always been based on product quality, see consumer's demand as the core, and continue to achieve product innovation and upgrades, try our best to deliver more happiness to customers.

Serious work and strict quality control are the attitude of company members towards work. At the same time, we firmly believe that altruism is the essence of business. It is our pursuit to always focus on users, solve user needs, and create happiness for users.