T12 Soldering Iron Tip  for MSS12 Soldering Station / SI012 Sodering Iron | SEQURE

Size: T12-B2
Sale price$6.99


Product Description:

-Customized high temperature heating core, strong sensitive temperature sensor, stable operation, rapid temperature return.

-Add multi-layer alloy plating to red copper base material, high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance

-Stainless steel case reduces heat loss and is durable.

-Environmental protection soldering iron tip, fast heat conduction, easy to tin, fast heating.

-450℃ temperature rise only 8 seconds, large solder joint without pressure, smooth welding.


Package Included

soldering iron tip ×1


Overall Dimension

Product Size: 155x6.2x6.2mm

Net Weight Of Product: 8g

Package Size: 155x6.2x6.2mm

Packing Weight: 8g

Package Size (Including Outer Carton):155x104x41mm

Packing Weight (Including Outer Carton):39g


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