OLED Digital Programmable 65W | SEQURE SQ-001 Soldering Iron

Color: Blue
Tip: TS-B2
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SQ001 Soldering Iron 65W OLED Digital Programmable soldering machine is an internal heating intelligent adjust temperature soldering iron welding tools.

Soldering Iron Parameters:

Brand name: SEQURE                                                  Model name: SQ-001
Color: Black , Blue                                                       Power supply: DC 12-24V ,DC5525 interface
Power output:65W                                                    Material: Metal & Plastic
Temperature range: 100-400 °C / 212-752°F              
Factory default temperature: 300 °C / 572°F

SQ-001 Soldering Iron is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage. It has a comfortable handle and the highly effective heating function makes it is a favorite tool for electronic engineers and electronic maintenance enthusiasts.

Soldering Iron Features:

1. Built-in acceleration sensors with an STM32 chip can intelligently record your usage habits
2. Bright OLED screen is clear easy for you to read information
3. Digital temperature readout
4. Temperature control button is set on the handle allowing for easy temperature adjustments
5. Anti-static structure with ground wire ensures your safety during use
6. Supports custom programmable development (Micro USB Connection)
7. Multiple soldering head types are available (Up to 8)
8. SQ-001 Soldering Iron can be powered via a 3-4s LiPo battery for mobile use

Soldering Iron Safety Instructions:

1.Please use ground clamp, proper power supply and other accessories to ensure safe use. 
2. When SQ-001 is used for the first time, it may slightly smoke due to    
heating of electric heating element, which is normal Phenomenon.  
3. If SQ-001 is used continuously for more than 350 ° C for 40 minutes,
 the handle temperature of soldering iron will reach 50°C~60°C.
4. When SQ-001 temperature rises, do not contact the iron head to avoid 
5. When SQ-001 is powered on, the iron head cannot be replaced. 


Soldering Iron Package included:

1 x SQ-001 Controller              
1 x Solder Tip       
1 x Safety Instructions              
1 x Hex Key                             
1 x User Manual                       
1 x DC5525 XT60 Power Cable
1 x Mini-bakelite Stand Holder


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