MAXKGO BMS Protection Board Hardware Ternary Polymer Lithium Battery 4S-24S 15A Only Charge BMS Board For Electric skateboards

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MKBMS 4S-24S 15A Only Charge Battery Protect Board device is designed to reduce the risk of charging. Designed to be ultra-compact and simple to use without any configuration required. Features high charging current, balancing activity LED lights, overcharge, and over temperature protection .Extensive Used in electric bicycles, electric scooters, Onewheels and other fields.

MKBMS 4S-24S15A Only Charge Board does not support discharge protection, please do not discharge through this protection board.


Type: Charge only

Cell Chemistry: Li-ion (3.7V nominal)

Balance method: Passive balance

4S-24S Series Count: 4-24S

Charge Current: 15A

Overcharge Voltage: 4.25V

Overcharge Reset: 4.19V

Balance: @4.2V

Overtemperature: 60°C

Overtemperature Reset: 40°C

Size: 110*30*11mm

Net weight: 30g


  1. Compact charge only design
  2. Cell balance indicator LED
  3. Compatible with 4s-24s battery
  4. Designed to be ultra-compact and simple to use without any configuration required
  5. Anodized aluminum heatsinkcase, stable performance


  1. Balance function
  2. Overcharge protection
  3. Overtemperature protection
  4. Cell balance indicator LED

Common Uses:

▪ One-wheeled electric skateboards

▪ Electric Skateboards

▪ Electric Scooters

▪ Electric Bikes

▪ EUCs

Package Included:

1* MKBMS 4S-24S 15A Only Charge Board

1* GH2.0 single head 12P line

1* GH2.0 single head 13P line

1* HY2.0 single head 2P cable with thermal protection switch

1* XT30

Operation Notes:

  1. Please ensure the correctness of the wiring sequence, from B0-B12, B13-B24, the voltage increases from low to high in sequence.
  2. This BMS is compatible with battery packs up to 24s, which is over 100V DC when fully charged. Electric shocks from high voltage may cause serious injury.Please pay attention to safety when using.
  3. This device is designed to reduce the risk of charging and will not protect against overcurrent discharge, undervoltage, internal pack shorts, pack overtemperature

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