JBD BMS 3S-28S Battery Protection Board for EV / Robot | 60A-120A BMS

Style: Li-ion 3S
Current: 80A
Sale price$37.24




JBD-HP28SA is used for lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries with different chemical properties such as lithium ion and lithium polymer.


1.Production Descriptions


①3-28S BMS for 3.2V Lifepo4 / 3.7 Li-ion battery


②Maximum continuous discharge current 120A


③Multiple charge and discharge protection functions


④Very low quiescent current consumption


⑤No communication like BT


⑥Built-in temperature sensor, external temperature sensor can be added


⑦Can add switch control interface (control charge and discharge)


⑧Equipped with equalization function (to ensure a certain pressure difference), the detection light board needs to be purchased separately


⑨Wide range of uses, can be used for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, etc


⑩For other needs, you can enter the store to consult customer service


2. Advantages


①Single cascade scheme


②Simple structure and convenient maintenance


③The price is relatively affordable, which has an advantage over the price of the same type of bms


④The size of the PCB is relatively small, and the footprint is small


⑤There are 2 temperature control, optional heating function, optional equalization light


⑥Various types of current and number of strings can be selected


⑦High reliability, more stable


⑧More protection functions, including charging, overcurrent and temperature protection


⑨The company's veteran product, the technology is relatively mature


3. Manual- Sent by email


4. Wiring method


When assembling the wiring, properly weld the wire to the battery cell, connect the B- of the BMS to the total negative electrode of the cell, and then insert the flat cable into the pin seat on the PCM. (Different strings,different way. Please contact customer service for details)

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