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 Product specifications——

14S Li-ion battery protection board for 50A with  balance and temperature control  118g

14S Li-ion battery protection board for 60A with  balance and temperature control  138g

14S Li-ion battery protection board for 80A with  balance and temperature control  132g

20S Li-ion battery protection board for 50A with  balance and temperature control  128g

20S Li-ion battery protection board for 60A with  balance and temperature control  146g

20S Li-ion battery protection board for 80A with  balance and temperature control  146g


Product Description--

Product model: CF-SW20S150A-B

Product name: 14S / 20S Li-ion battery protection board 52V-50A60A80A / 72V-50A60A80A

Size: 132*62*10MM

Charging current: ≤20A/20A/30A

Discharge current: 50A/60A/80A

Internal resistance: ≤15mΩ


Charging voltage:

The number Li-ion battery in series connection X 4.2V



Overcharge protection——

Detection voltage: 4.25±0.025V

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Release voltage: 4.15±0.05V


Over-discharge voltage protection——

Detection voltage: 2.75±0.1V

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Release voltage: 3.0±0.1V


Balanced voltage——

Detection voltage: 4.15±0.025V

Detection delay: 100±50MS

Balance current: 42±5MA


Over discharge current protection——

Detection voltage: 50±15MV

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Current protection: 150±30A 200±40A 230±50A


Short circuit protection--

Trigger condition: external short circuit

Detection delay: 300us

Release condition: disconnect the load


Temperature control protection——

Charge and discharge over-temperature protection: 55℃

Charge and discharge high temperature release temperature: 75℃

Release condition: During normal working temperature




Working power consumption: ≤35UA

Over-discharge power consumption(Sleeping State): ≤10UA

Operating temperature range: -30°~+80°C


Product Features--

Overcharge protection

Over discharge protection

Overcurrent protection

Balanced protection

GPS port

Static Protection

Weak switch

Temperature control protection


Product advantages--

  1. Open cooling system

Using heat sink anodic oxidation technology, the temperature can be radiated to the outside stably and safely.


  1. High quality low internal resistance MOS tube

Multiple optimized protection management schemes stably reduce the internal resistance of the circuit, increase the service life, and ensure safety and reliability.


  1. The function of disconnection protection!

Any string of battery packs, zero cell voltage, and any cable disconnection can protect the battery from no output.


  1. Stable heat dissipation, balanced protection

Can be connected to weak current switch, built-in temperature control.


  1. GPS port can be installed, balanced protection.

Weak current switches can be installed, all of which are sufficient. Low temperature rise and fast heat dissipation.


  1. Smart chip!

It is carefully made with high-quality components to achieve a series of functions such as long service life, strong endurance, and low charging and discharging temperature.


  1. The layout is clearly visible!

The inside to the outside of the protection board is intuitively visible, and each part can be clearly understood.

20s bms board with temp control
high quality 14s li-ion battery protection board
high quality mosfet for 72v 80a 20s bms board
14s li-ion battery protection board wiring diagram

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