6S-12S Lithium / Lifepo4 Battery Pack Management System with Balance Function for ESK8 / Consumer Robot / E-car/ E-board | MKBMS All-in-one Board

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MAXKGO-SS BMS is based on the modular BMS of LTC6811 and STM32 MCU. It is a full-featured battery protection board for electrical motorbike,light electric vehicles and electric skateboards. It is a smart mini BMS that integrates charging protection, discharge protection, temperature protection, passive balance.

Firmware & software repositories are available on our- Github page.

If you need BMS with more series, maybe 24S BMS is a good choice, learn more: https://bit.ly/3LP9sSU

Product Parameters:

Applicable Battery &Voltage——

Recommended series cell:6S-12S

Cell voltage operating range:2V-5V


Charge Voltage: 24V-52V

Charge Current: ≤20A

Abs. Max battery voltage: 60V

Minimum operating voltage: 14V

Continuous charging current: 20A

Over charge protection——

Over charge detect voltage: 2V-5V

Over charge protection delay: ≥4ms

Over charge release voltage: 2V-5V


Discharge current:  ≤70A

Max. Continuous discharge / regen current: 70A

Discharge voltage:24V-52V

Over discharge protection——

Over discharge detect voltage: 0-5V

Over discharge release voltage: 0-5V

Over current protection——

Over current detect delay:≥4ms

Discharge over current protection release condition: off load

Short Circuit protection——

Short Circuit detect voltage:Short circuit of external load

Short Circuit detect delay: 320us

Short Circuit protection release: off load

Balance current: 86mA @4.2V

Temp protect——

Temp Protect: -20℃—+120℃

Working Temp Range:-20℃—+80℃

Storage Temp Range: -20℃—+100℃

Self Consumption——

Working current: ≤40mA

Sleeping current: ≤100uA


Main Functions Description ——

Overcharge protection: Yes

Over discharge protection: Yes

Temperature protection: Yes

Thermal management: Yes

Balance function: Yes

Balance method: passive balance

Battery pack capacity detection: Yes

Battery internal resistance detection: Yes

Support battery: support almost all lithium batteries such as lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, lithium phosphate battery, etc.



  1. Compact layout and mini
  2. Using aluminum alloy material shell, better heat dissipation.
  3. Automotive grade design, automotive grade locking connector.
  4. Configuring and firmware upgrades over USB through the MAXKGO-BMS-TOOL and ENNOID-BMS-TOOL.
  5. Automotive grade monitoring & balancing IC with separate power supply for increased reliability
  6. Voltages measurements for load, charger & battery pack
  7. Bi-directional current monitoring
  8. SOC based on coulomb counting
  9. Humidity sensor & board temperature monitoring
  10. Charger detection circuit
  11. Integrated precharge circuit
  12. Power button, USB-C, UART, I2C & isolated CAN bus interface
  13. On board High-Efficiency 3.3V regulator powered from the main battery pack
  14. High current capacity automotive grade screw connectors for main power connections
  15. Buzzer & status LED




Configurable under/over temperature cutoffs for charge & discharge

Configurable under/over cell voltage cutoffs

Configurable over current cutoff

Configurable minimum precharge value

High side load & charger disconnects

Transient voltage suppression on all inputs

Secondary fusing on all balance channels, USB port & power supply


Application ——

  1. Electric skateboard
  2. Electric bicycle
  3. Electric unicycle
  4. Electric scooter
  5. Electric tricycle
  6. Solar street light
  7. Energy storage equipment
  8. Sightseeing car
  9. Handling forklift
  10. Consumer robots


Package Included——

12s all-in-one BMS board with shell:

1* PCBA MKBMS-SS-12S main control board(With aluminum shell)

1* HY2.0 single head 10P line

1* HY2.0 single head 13P line

2* GH1.25 single head 5P cable

1* GH1.25-5P to Dupont line

1* USB cable type-C data cable

1* 2.0MM jumper cap

1* 1.3 inch OLED display LCD screen module

1* 12MM 3-6V key switch

4* M5*8 stainless steel round head screws

4* M5 copper gasket

4* 90 degree angle terminal block T90-6/5 (red copper)

1* XT30 (female)


12s all-in-one BMS board with shell size&weight--

Size: 89 x 40 x 20.8mm

Net weight: 106.5g

Packing size: 140 x110 x 50 mm

Package weight: 303.5g

Including outer carton size: 170*120*100mm

Weight with outer carton: 380g


12s all-in-one BMS board without shell:

1* PCBA MKBMS-SS-12S main control board

1* 2.0MM jumper cap

4* M5*8 stainless steel round head screws

4* M5 copper gasket

4* 90 degree angle terminal block T90-6/5 (red copper)

1* XT30 (female)


12s all-in-one BMS board without shell size&weight--

Size: 84x 35 x 20mm

Net weight: 65g

Packing size: 140 x110 x 50 mm

Package weight: 126.5g

Including outer carton size: 170*120*100mm

Weight with outer carton: 230g

12s bms battery protection board detail description

Wiring diagram

6s li-ion battery protection board wiring diagram


8s lifepo4 battery protection board wiring diagram


12s battery management system wiring diagram


12s bms module without aluminum shell wiring diagram

12s-12s without shell charge-only wiring diagram

PS; If you need more diagram of different series, please contact us. 


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