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--Noe Smart WiFi Controller for LED Strip based upon internet procedure!
--2021 MAXKGO new develop, make your LED more stunning!

MAXKGO Night Elf Smart WiFi Controller for LED Strip (hereinafter described as NELF) is a sophisticated wise LED controller. Utilizing an real-time controller based upon Internet, you can manage LED easily and remarkably, producing the preferred scene environment whenever and anywhere you preferred.

The NELF can assistance APA102, WS2801, WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815. SK2812, HD107S, GS8208...LED strips, and can assistance 2048 LED grains at the exact same time.

At the same time, the NELF can update the firmware on-line, to ensure that your LED controller will constantly equal the moments.

Developed for LED lovers and beginners
Lots of LED lovers have discovered that MAXKGO NELF's easy user interface and easy-to-operating treatments can permit gamers to develop LED quickly without programs experience and coding abilities . Allow LED not be singular and dull, and really accomplish that life is more stunning due to innovation!

The NELF includes 50 settings, which can alter the instructions, shade and rate of the LED going through real-time procedure. All procedures will be upgraded in time as you kind, so there's no require excessive time for waiting.

Additionally, the NELF can personalize the WiFi call and produce your very own LED environment development professional as you like.

The Benefits of MAXKGO NELF Smart WiFi Controller for LED Strip
1. Light-weight and small, and not using up space;
2. It can be utilized from package, and the procedure is simple;
3. 2 dimensions can be selected freely;
4. Power provide with Type-C user interface conveniently;
5. The firmware can be updated online;
6. Personalize the WiFi call to produce an special device;
7. Much faster WiFi reaction and more delicate internet user interface.

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Minimum Typical Values Maximum Unit
Supply Voltage 4.5 5 5.5 V
Supply Current 0.5 -- -- A
Operating Temperature -40 -- 85 °C
Humidity -- 85 --  %RH



Model: NELF V1X
Size:  34mm x 39mm
Net Weight: 5.4g
Voltage: 5V
Language: English
Memory: Built-in 50 LED run modes
Suitable for: LED light strip
Support LED: APA102, WS2801, WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815, SK2812, HD107S, GS8208...
Color Mode: Support any RGB color sequence mode
Control Distance: 30M
Control Technology: WiFi
Use Environment: indoor
Speed Adjustment: The speed of light strip effect change is adjustable, and it can drive up to 2048 LED lamp beads
User Button: Press to change the LED mode or restore the factory state
Indicator Light: Indicate startup, setting and power status
Power Connection: 1. If the LED strip is 5V, you can directly use the back feed from the LED;
2. If the LED strip is 12V, a 5V power supply must be provided separately for the night elf LED controller.


NOTICE: The hardware of MAXKGO Nelf Based on Pixelblaze by Ben Hencke, CC BY-SA 4.0  

Operation: (refer to the Nelf LED wifi controller manual.pdf)

Where can utilize the MAXKGO NELF Smart WiFi Controller:
1.Ultra-thin light boxes, illumination indications, marketing signs;
2.Produce interior industrial environment in mid-to-high-end specialized shops and shopping center
3.Environment illumination in home enjoyment locations such as bars and KTVs,
4.Environment design of beauty parlor, clothes shops and various other places;
5.Environment illumination in coffee shops and various other recreation places;
6.Light reveal develop for play areas and evening swimming pools;
7.Environment design for birthday celebration celebrations, vacation events, and so on.;
8.Ornamental illumination for invention lights, car design, private luxury yachts, skateboards, and so on.;
9.Suggesting illumination for luminescent indications such as courses and outlines;
10.Metropolitan illumination design such as building landscape and tree lights;
11.Ornamental illumination for household yards and interior spaces.
12.Outside outdoor camping illumination and environment design and various other scenes can utilize the NELF.


MAXKGO NELF V1X WiFi LED Controller Board x 1
Connection wire (male) x1
Connection wire (female) x1
8 PIN header x1
4 PIN holder x1

Wiring diagram:
smart rgb light controller for thanksgiving day
wifi led strip controller for ws2812 led strip

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