Display | TFT Screen Ver2 Module based on VESC With GPS/Standard

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Stype: TFT Screen Ver2 based on VESC with GPS
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Upgrade on the base of DAVEga TFT display

TFT Screen Ver2 based on VESC:

This TFT screen display is specially designed for VESC / FOCBOX . And a GPS module is added to display the user's moving speed without using ESCs. At the same time, this module is equipped with ADC throttle, which can directly control ESC acceleration and deceleration.


Compatible with VESC
Compatible with FOCBOX
Communication port by UART mode
Default Display:

  • Speed
  • Current Mileage & Total Mileage
  • Battery Capacity Percentage, Battery voltage per cell

The main page displays real-time speed, current mileage, total mileage, battery power, battery voltage, and the second page includes some parameter settings. As follows:

 Display interface 

TFT Screen Ver2 Module dispaly interface

Select throttle type

TFT Screen Ver2 Module select throttle type

Button fuctionTFT Screen Ver2 Module button settingThis module is provided with three buttons K1, K2 and K3. Button functions are as follows:

tft screen ver2 button fuction

Wiring Diagram:

TFT Screen Ver2 Module Wiring Diagram

 Screen Size

tft screen ver2 | sizeof the screen

Kind remind:

The parameter setting needs to be set according to the actual skateboard motor, wheels, battery and other parameters, so that the speed and mileage displayed on the main page are accurate.

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