Flipsky 6354 140KV 190KV 2450W BLDC Belt Motor Battle Hardened for Electric Skateboard

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Shaft: 10mm D-Shaft
KV: 140KV
Pulley: With Pulley
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Fit For:Electric skateboard 
Motor Brand:Flipsky
Motor Number:6354
Motor Name:BLDC motor
Motor Material:Metal
Motor Color:Black


  • Max Power: 2450 Watts
  • Max Current: 65 Amps
  • Max Volts: 12S 
  • Max Torque: 7Nm
  • Motor Resistance: 0.053Ohm 
  • Recommend ESC: 3-12S 50A (12 50Aor FSESC 6.6 60A)
  • Weight: 1.23 lb / 0.56 kg
  • The motor length:54mm
  • The motor diameter: 63mm
  • Shaft diameter:
10mm D Shaft ,24mm length
8mm Round-short shaft,24mm length
8mm Round-long shaft,30mm length
  • Motor Wire: 320mm silicone 12AWG wire with 4.0mm Gold Bullet Connector Male.
  • Wire configuration:
Blue = A
Black = B
Yellow = C 
  • The number of pole: 14

Reference Information:

  • The screws used for the motor are M4 metric bolts. Using our motor mounts, we recommend using M4 Socket Cap bolts.
  • Screws to mount the motor are not included with the motor.


6354 Motor in Upgrade

Difference Long Shaft and Short Shaft

The Detail about New Upgrade 6354 Motor Flipsky

High Quality Materials in 6354 DC Motor.

Hall Plate of DC Motor 6354 Flipsky

Hall Wire of DC Motor 6354 Flipsky

6354 10MM D-Shaft Motor Drawing:

BLDC Motor 6354 Brushless 10MM D Shaft Structure Chart.

6354 8MM Round-Short Shaft Motor Drawing:

BLDC Motor 6354 Brushless 8MM Round-Short Shaft Drawing.

6354 8MM Round-Long Shaft Motor Drawing:

BLDC Motor 6354 Brushless 8MM Round-Long Shaft Drawing.BLDC Motor 6354 Brushless 8MM Round-Long Shaft Drawing.


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