Based on VESC Dual 75100 With Aluminum PCB For Electric Skateboard / Scooter / Ebike Speed Controller

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  • Size:L107mm*W103mm*H18.5mm
  • Voltage:14-84V (4-20S safe)
  • Current:continuous max 100A single,dual continuous max 200A,values depend on the mounting  and ambient temperature around the device!
  • BEC:5V@1A
  • Support BLDC square wave mode control and FOC sine wave mode
  • Firmware: latest (firmware update supported)
  • ERPM:150000
  • Control Interface Ports:USB,CAN,UART
  • Supported Sensors:ABI,HALL,AS5047,AS5048A
  • Input Set Support:PPM,ADC,NRF,UART
  • Wire Size: 12AWG
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Regenerative Capacity: Yes

Warm tips:

Phase filering is not available for Flipsky ESC75100 and 75200!
Please turn off the phase filter function and choose "false" in vesc_tool when use firmware version on or above 5.3 (VESC_TOOL 3.01). Without turning off the phase filter will result in esc damage. Please do not restore the default parameters when using the wizard interface.
Here below video and blog links FYI.


Flipsky dual 75100

75100 Wiring diagram

Flipsky 75100 Wiring diagram

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