2021ESC 7550 75V FSESC Base on VESC6 With Aluminum Case|FLIPSKY

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Voltage 14-75V (3-16S safety)
Size :78mm×59mm×32.5mm
Current:continuous current 50A,Instantaneous current: 160A
Support sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047, AS5048A
EPRM: 150000
Regenerative braking;
Input source: PPM, analog, NRF NYKO KAMA NUNCHUCK;
Communication ports: USB, CAN, UART;
Motor wire: 12 AWG
Power cable: 12 AWG


  1. Support BLDC square wave mode control and FOC sine wave mode
  2. The CPU adopts STM32F405 with a main frequency of 168MHz and a Cortex-M4architecture with DSP function;
  3. High current 75V Infineon mosfets in 6 Directfet packages;
  4. Three high-power, high-precision copper current sampling resistors are used to directly measure the three phases current to achieve FOC control and overcurrent protection;
  5. Use TI's UCC272XX series of high-current output gate drivers to drive 6 MOSFETS;
  6. Use three 470UF withstand voltage 100V electrolytic capacitors to ensure the stability of the system under high current drive;
  7. Support with Hall, without Hall, with sensor, and without sensor;
  8. Throttle curves and slopes of all input sources, seamless four-limit operation, count of motor revolutions, ampere-hours, watt-hours, real-time data analysis and readout through the communication port;
  9. The digital VCC and analog VCC are generated by different voltage regulators, which makes the system's AD conversion more accurate;
  10. With the host computer tool software, it can automatically measure the winding resistance, inductance, flux linkage, and also measure the number of pole pairs and other parameters for the motor with sensors;
  11. Adjustable protection measures: low input voltage/high input voltage/large motor current/high input current/over-temperature protection (MOSFET and motor);
  12. High regenerative braking current (separate limit for motor and input), high RPM (different limit for each direction), nearly one hundred setting parameters can be changed through the USB port using the host computer software VESC_TOOL and kept in the ESC.

FSESC 7550 Wiring Diagram

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