Step-down DC-DC Module 12V 5V 3A Constant High-voltage Input Step-down Power Supply for BMS

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1. Input voltage: 9V-90V

The minimum voltage difference between the input voltage and the output voltage is 4V  (when the output is 5V, the input is DC9V-90V, and when the output is 12V, the input voltage is DC16V-90V.

2. Output voltage: 12V/5V

3. Maximum output current: 3A (that is, the constant current value is 3A, when the customized voltage is higher than 12V, the output current is less than 3A, the power is not recommended to exceed 30W, 12V and 5V can reach 3A.)

4. Typical operating frequency: 140KHz

5. High efficiency: up to 95% (the smaller the pressure difference, the higher the efficiency)

6. Working temperature: industrial grade (-40℃ to +85℃)

7. Module volume: 42*30*17mm


Product Advantages--

  • Frequency reduction at light load to improve light load efficiency.
  • Small standby current.
  • Built-in over-temperature, over-current, output short-circuit protection.
  • Built-in soft start.
  • Constant voltage and constant current output.



  1. First connect the connection line between the module and the power supply, and then power on. (If the input terminal is connected with electricity, it is prone to sparking, especially when the input power supply voltage is high, the pad of the module may even be burnt).
  2. After selecting a suitable power supply, use a multimeter or voltmeter to measure whether the output voltage of the module is consistent with the voltage required by the device.
  3. Connect electrical equipment or (load) to the output of the module.


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