MKBMS LV Master Board Wiring Terminal Package-- M8 Copper Gasket /Copper Terminal / Stainless Steel Head Screw Customized for BMS LV Master Mini 30V-150V | MAXKGO

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Material: copper, stainless steel

Net Weight: 62g

Package Weight: 100g

Package Dimensions: 12cm*8cm*8.5cm

Applies to: BMS low voltage master board

 Size :  90 degree angle terminal block / unit(mm)  

Model Inside Diameter Outer Diameter Width Front End Thickness Hole Diameter
 T90-25/8 7.1 9.5 14.0 16.0 2.0 8.3



 1. Adopt copper material and stainless steel material.

 2. Not easy to rust.

 3. Hard to bend.

 4. No pollution to the environment.

 5. Good taste for collocation for it's beautiful lustre.

 6. Outstanding capabilities in anti-corrosion and anti-rust even in the humid environment.

 7. Enjoy wide application since it's safe and easy to use.


Package Lists :

1.  90 degree angle terminal block T90-25/8       X4  (copper)

2. M8*16 stainless steel round head screw         X2  (stainless steel)

3. M8*Stainless steel nut        X2   (stainless steel)

4. M8 copper gasket        X4   (copper)

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