Spot welding

What is spot welding machine portable?
Spot welding (also called resistance spot welding) is a resistance welding process and one of the most effective welding processes. This welding process is mainly used to weld two or more metal plates together by applying pressure and heat generated by current to the welding area.
Its working principle is to contact the copper alloy electrode with the surface of the sheet, thereby applying pressure and current, and generating heat through the current through low-carbon steel and other resistive materials.
Spot welding is one of the earliest welding processes. It is widely used in various industries:spot-welding-application

Automobile Industry
Spot welding is a popular welding method in the automotive industry because it is a cheap but effective way to merge sheet metal. Therefore, it can be used with well-trained basic staff or robots because it requires very few skills. The most important thing is that the welding process is fast and efficient, which means more cars are developed per shift.

Electronic Product
This welding method is widely used in the manufacture of electronic products, such as circuit boards, gas sensors, and even solar panels. This method is called electronic resistance welding, and it is also used to manufacture complex and precise electronic components from cables to switches and hand tools.

Molten Nail
Most people don't realize this, but spot welding is also used to connect nail rolls. The steel wire is welded to the nail at high speed through the pneumatic nail gun magazine. If you use seam welding wheels, you can get 1200 nails per minute.

The application of spot welding is not limited to the above types. In the past year, the most popular one is to be applied to batteries. People spot welding several batteries together to make a relatively large power supply device. Let it be applied to life such as power banks, electric skateboards, and trams.

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