The soldering iron is very compatible with life. The soldering iron is a good tool to make work easier. But few people know that welding tools are also indispensable tools in our lives. Here I tell you some applications of electric soldering irons, which are very useful in our lives:

1) Roofing industry
Welding tools are very suitable for repairing roofs and making waterproof roofs. You can use a soldering iron to melt the components of the copper roof and melt the galvanized metal for flashing. After the solder cools, it becomes waterproof, which is especially useful when repairs are needed during the rainy season. Due to the windy nature of roof repairs, you'd better choose the fast heating one.
2) Welding metal tank
If your home has metal drains, you can fix them together by welding. These materials are similar to those used by roofers for waterproofing roofs. Welding can make the drain permanently leak-proof. Absolutely convenient on rainy days!
3) Art decoration
For example, you can create stained glass windows or mosaics. First prepare some beautiful patterns of different colors and a 100W soldering iron, and then use your imagination to put the separate colored glass together. Traditionally, craftsmen have used leaded solder in stained glass windows, which is unhealthy, but now lead-free solder is more commonly used to make stained glass windows and mosaic sculptures. In addition, the soldering iron is the perfect tool to quickly repair loose glass.
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4) Auto repair
Although the connection made on the car requires hard metal, requires an acetylene welding gun and more traditional welding methods, the soldering iron can be used for smaller tasks. The welding metal is soft and can be used to smooth edges, tighten joints and fill when making cars Irregular cavity body repair. It can also be used for bicycle repair, motorcycle repair, musical instrument repair
Electrical maintenance, such as: TV, refrigerator, water dispenser, humidifier, dust collector, air conditioner, electric fan, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, electric iron, water heater, dehumidifier, hair dryer, razor, massage Refrigerator, Ventilator, Oven, Microwave, Rice Cooker, Soy Milk Maker, Electric Kettle, Induction Cooker, soldering iron kit
5) Pipes and lines
If there is a soldering iron at home. It will be very convenient when you need to repair copper pipes and other metal pipes. It is safe to use lead-free solder to connect water pipes. Lead is a toxic substance and we must avoid contact with any lead. For pipes, the operating space is small, there is no power plug nearby, and the battery-operated handle soldering iron is the best choice.
Soldering irons are also the best way to connect wires and multiple pieces of metal. Soldering irons have many other uses in our family life. With your creative thinking, as long as you come up with more uses for household soldering irons, everything is possible.

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