Reasons for the weak welding of the spot welder.
Do you often worry about the weak welding of the spot welder? Here, you can all be resolved.
What's wrong with the weak welding of the spot welder? There are many reasons for the weak welding of the spot welder: one is the material being welded; the other is the power cord that is connected to it is not thin enough to be able to weld; the third is the machine itself malfunctions.

Mainly check whether the high-current components are burnt out, and then check whether the solder pins are oxidized and have poor contact, and whether the spot welding electrodes are short-circuited.

The most common reasons for weak spot welding machine welding are the following 4 kinds:

1. The current is too small, adjust the current;

2. The contacts are worn too much, replace the contacts or remove them and polish them;

3. The air pressure is not enough, check whether the compressor is working normally;

4. The contacts are not on the same horizontal line, causing some spots to be welded firmly, and some spots are not welded firmly.

mini spot welding machine
Due to the diversity of the shape and volume of the material to be welded and the limitation of the power supply method, the traditional welding machine lacks flexibility.

Therefore, it is particularly important to buy a good spot welding machine, and a good tool is often the first step to a successful job.

Here I recommend a mini spot welder for everyone, which supports XT90 interface battery power supply, suitable for home or outdoor use.

The OLED display can display high and low voltage warnings. It adopts brand-new spot welding technology and intelligently switches between automatic and manual working modes, which can meet different needs and is a flexible and efficient welding tool.

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