Latest Esk8 Part/Accessory in 2022 are Under $50

Do you know what are the parts of an electric skateboard?

We can say the most important, or definitely required, such as: battery, motor, Truck, ESC, wheels, switch and remote control...

But did you know? At the end of 2021, a new accessory appeared for electric skateboards, which was almost unavailable in the market. That is- LED light strip controller.
Speaking of "LED light strip controller" do you think of these scenarios?
Latest Esk8 PartAccessory in 2022 are Under $50

No, it's not just that. "LED light strip controller" are not only indoor and outdoor decorations. It can also be like this:

Latest Esk8 PartAccessory in 2022 are Under $50

In order to distinguish it better, we can call it - esk8 LED strip controller.

The esk8 LED strip controller is not like a motor ESC battery, etc. It is a must-have component of esk8. Without the esk8 LED strip controller, the electric skateboard can still be used normally, but it can add color to your skateboarding hobby journey at night.
Use the esk8 LED light strip controller, the lights or light strips installed on your skateboard will not only flash at a speed, but will change according to the speed at which you are sliding, changing and diversifying, giving you and your friends the ultimate visual enjoyment . The esk8 LED light strip controller has soldered sockets, plug and play, convenient and simple. In addition, the esk8 LED light strip controller has a super mini size, which will not increase the burden of space.

It's not definitely required, but it is worth having. Learn more:

Latest esk8 accessory in 2022Latest esk8 part in 2022

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