How to make LED light strip more gorgeous and colorful?

Edison invented electricity and promoted the progress of human civilization!

Extending the application of electricity to lights to make human life brighter!

How to make an ordinary LED light strip more gorgeous and colorful?

Today, I discovered a treasure that can embellish our light and make our lives more colorful.

That is the NELF LED Intelligent WiFi controller newly launched by MAXKGO 2021!

It's appearance is amazing!

I have never seen such a mini and cute remote control. Its size is only 10mm*30mm, and its weight is only 2 grams. When you put it on your hand, you won't even feel its existence. Because it is too light and too mini.

How to make an ordinary LED light strip more gorgeous and colorful?
Unlike other remote control devices, this is a controller that can realize web page control. Just turn on WiFi and connect to the NELF V1 control board, and then you can control the LED strips in real time through your mobile phone. You can freely change the direction, speed and color of the LED strip flashing. An originally monotonous LED light strip, instantly changing endlessly and brilliantly, is so pleasant.


How to make an ordinary LED light strip more gorgeous and colorful?

The NELF can support APA102, WS2801, WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815 and other types of LED, and can support 2048 LED beads at the same time.

And it has 50 built-in modes, which means that an ordinary light strip can be transformed into 50 different light strips with the help of NELF, and it can control more than 2000 lamp beads at the same time.

I can use it to decorate My room and yard.

I have begun to imagine that when my friends come to my house at Halloween, they will be very surprised. Because NELF can change my room and yard. Can accompany us to dance, sing and make fun.

How to make an ordinary LED light strip more gorgeous and colorful?

In fact, I think it can also work in many areas:

  1. Ultra-thin light boxes, lighting signs, advertising signs;
  2. Create indoor commercial atmosphere in mid-to-high-end specialty stores and shopping malls
  3. Atmosphere lighting in entertainment venues such as bars and KTVs,
  4. Atmosphere layout of beauty salons, clothing stores and other places;
  5. Atmosphere lighting in cafes and other leisure places;
  6. Light show design for playgrounds and night swimming pools;
  7. Atmosphere layout for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, etc.;
  8. Decorative lighting for handicraft light sources, car decoration, yachts, skateboards, etc.;
  9. Indicating lighting for luminous signs such as paths and outlines;
  10. Urban lighting decoration such as architectural landscape and tree lights;
  11. Decorative lighting for family courtyards and indoor rooms.
  12. Outdoor camping lighting and atmosphere decorationand other scenes can use the NELF.

Although it is now, it is worth us to look forward to its upgraded version. Because NELF V1 can realize online firmware upgrade, we can always follow their innovations and enjoy the most innovative functions.

Recommend to you the treasure that embellishes life: MAXKGO NELF LED Intelligent WiFi Controller!

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