Soldering irons are mainly divided into the following four categories:

1. External heating soldering iron

It is composed of a soldering iron tip, a soldering iron core, a shell, a wooden handle, a power lead, and a plug.

Since the soldering iron tip is installed inside the soldering iron core, it is called an externally heated electric soldering iron. The soldering iron core is the key component of the electric soldering iron. It is formed by winding the heating wire in parallel on a hollow porcelain tube, the mica sheet in the middle is insulated, and two wires are led out to connect to the 220V AC power supply.

2. Internally heated soldering iron

It consists of a handle, a connecting rod, a spring clip, a soldering iron core, and a soldering iron tip. Since the soldering iron core is installed inside the soldering iron tip, it is called an internally heated electric soldering iron. The internal heating type electric soldering iron heats up quickly, has a higher heating efficiency, and has a small volume and a low price.

3. Temperature-regulating soldering iron

The temperature-regulating electric soldering iron is attached with a power controller, which can change the input power of the power supply when in use, and the adjustable temperature range is 100~400℃. The maximum power of the temperature-regulating electric soldering iron is 60W, and the soldering iron tip is a copper-plated iron tip.

4. Double temperature soldering iron

The dual-temperature electric soldering iron has a pistol structure, and a power switch is attached to the handle of the electric soldering iron. There are two switches: one is 20W; the other is 80W. Only the position of the switch can change the heat of the soldering iron.

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